A Day Trading Youtuber

Plus my one resolution for 2021.

When I try to take a break from “being productive,” it ends up exactly how this tweet describes. The weekend ends, and I’ve neither rested nor done anything meaningful.

Well, these last two weeks, I completely shut off, and they’ve been great. After a few weeks of phone calls, interviews, and job offers that didn’t feel "right,” I decided to take an actual break.

I’ve got my thoughts organized now, and it turns out they’re shared summarized by some of my favorite tweeters.

So I’ll let them do the heavy lifting.

The first tweet is part of Graham Mann’s summary of a conversation between Jack Butcher and Shaan Puri.

It gets at the core of what I’ve been trying to figure out: “What is the skill I want to develop and get paid for over the long-term?”

Growing up, I thought the only way to make decent money is to be exceptional at one thing, and that was it. And it had to be something concrete, not an abstract idea like “learning.”

My dad was a truck driver. My Aunt was a teacher. My family friend was an accountant.

You picked a job, and that was it. It defined you for the rest of your life.

But over the last few years, I’ve learned that you can build a business and lifestyle around the things you enjoy...even if they span across topics/subjects.

So that brings us to today.

I thought “my skill” would be investment alpha, which is why I worked hard to start my career as an Analyst. It's also why I was working towards my CPA, CFA, and CMT designations.

But what I actually enjoy is learning complex topics, implementing them in my own life, and then teaching others how to do the same.

Learn -> Do -> Communicate.

That’s the skill I’m building towards. And something I know I can be paid for if I get good enough at it.

The second tweet comes from David Perell, the writing guy.

This tweet began a short thread on the topic of “optionality,” and it really describes a crossroads I’m at today.

For the last eight years, I’ve focused on Technical Analysis, but I’ve also done a ton of other shit with the sole purpose of “hedging” my career risk. In other words, I developed skills, built relationships — all to make sure I’d always be “employable.”

But that has held me back from making some of the big bets that would likely serve me better over the long-term.

That ends today. No more hedging. I’ve checked those boxes and can take a calculated risk for the next few years to build something of my own.

The third set of tweets is from Jack Butcher once again.

The takeaways for me are:

  1. I need to aim higher with my goals. I can be exceptional, not just average.

  2. The only way to reach those loftier goals is to focus on fewer things.

  3. The cost of switching tasks is high, so I’ll build habits around the highest impact tasks each day.

And then lastly, we’ve got a tweet from James Clear.

There’s no one takeaway here. I see a lot of overlap between how he runs his business and how I’d like to run mine, so you may find some value in it.

Getting to the title of this post and tying it all together — A Day Trading YouTuber.

My primary goal for the next few years is to build a brand teaching my demographic about money by learning -> doing -> teaching.

That will live primarily on YouTube and look to be launched in early April.

To fund this new venture, I'll need an income to keep the lights on.

So I’m going to see if I can parlay my analysis skills from the last eight years into a successful day trading business.

This will live primarily on TradingView, where I’ll be posting my ideas, journaling trades, and live streaming occasionally.

With that said, the primary purpose is not to build an audience of traders, sell products, or convince anyone to do anything. It’s a business to generate an income.

Trading in public will allow me to get feedback to improve my process and keep me accountable for sticking with it…when times ultimately get tough.

That brings us to this blog and the BruniCharting Twitter handle. For now, these accounts will be mostly inactive…besides keeping y’all updated on any major changes to my plan/priorities.

Iteration is the name of the game, so I’m going to have to get comfortable cutting things that don’t work…especially as I build everything out in public.

Appreciate you coming along on this journey with me.

My New Years Resolution

It’s that time where everyone is making resolutions.

Given where I’m at professionally, I could have quite the list.

But when I really think about it, the most important thing is simple.

When my gut is out of order, my life is out of order.

The solution?

More fiber.

Butt, that’s enough about my shit.

What’s your resolution for 2021?

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead.