Welcome To My Market Journal

My name is Tom Bruni. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a quick intro.

I first discovered Technical Analysis during my freshman year of college (2013) and founded the blog and brand, BruniCharting, to chronicle my experience as a new market participant.

Despite losing 30% of my trading capital in short order, my enthusiasm didn’t wane and I kept writing and posting on FinTwit, eventually growing a small following.

Living close to New York City I spent a lot of time going to events and meeting folks like my mentor J.C. Parets, Josh Brown and the Ritholtz Crew, Howard Lindzon and the StockTwits team, and a ton more…who all supported me in my journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their generosity and guidance and that is why I’m so passionate about paying it forward whenever I can.

I explored a lot of different career paths during college and upon graduation I opted for the corporate track at Ernst & Young (EY), joining as an Internal Audit Consultant within the Financial Services space. Despite some early success there, I wasn’t passionate about the work and the rigid corporate culture wasn’t a great fit.

So in 2018, I joined All Star Charts as an analyst, slowly working my way up to partner as we grew the company and helped clients reach their goals in the market.

And that brings us to now, December 2020, where I’m taking my next steps.

I love being a full-time Technical Analyst and have done well in my career so far, but there are a few “professional itches” that I need to scratch…and I ain’t getting younger.

So my plan is to spend the next 2-3 years scratching these itches.

Finishing my CFA and CPA certifications, learning to actively trade my portfolio, and building a company of my own that’s outside the trading/research space are the main priorities, among several other smaller personal/professional goals.

Needless to say, I’m excited for what the future holds and am open to a variety of new opportunities. Curiosity and open-mindedness will be my guiding principles.

That brings us to this Trading Journal.

Since I have to do my own market research anyway, I figure I may as well continue to share it online to hold myself accountable, learn from the feedback that comes my way, and hopefully teach readers a thing or two along the way.

At the very least, you can expect one email each weekend where I do three things.

  1. Update my trade and portfolio summary for the past week.

  2. Share my market analysis and plan for the trading week ahead.

  3. Link to other relevant and valuable content I consumed that week.

I’ll also be posting charts and insights daily on Twitter, so follow me there if you’d like. And if I do write additional content during the week, I’ll deliver it straight to your inbox…so there’s no need to check the website for updates.

That’s all I got for now. Just a Bruni, his blog, and a big ol’ world to explore.

I appreciate you stopping by and reading my story. I’m excited for what the future holds and look forward to staying an active part of the great FinTwit community I’ve grown up in these last eight years.

- Bruni

And now the very important & necessary legal disclaimer:

Please be a responsible adult. You are responsible for your own decisions.

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Tom Bruni
Independent Technical Analyst and developing trader. This is my journal.